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When you need insurance, it’s important that the agent who handles your case treats you like people (not a policy number) and uses their industry expertise.  Legacy Insurance will go out of its way to make sure what matters most is protected by using all available resources

 Legacy Insurance Agency  agents are not just knowledgeable about different types of policies; they also know how best protect individuals’ valued assets with personalized service.


Jessica Smith

Email :
Phone : (256) 429-2435

Joe Bob Whitt

Email :
Phone : (256) 929-6207

Joe Mullins

Email :
Phone : (256) 929-6204

Matt Smith

Email :
Phone : (256) 929-6183

Tammy Whitt

Email :
Phone : (256) 929-6212


Pamela McGuire

Email :
Phone : (205) 894-4577

Stacey Knouse

Email :
Phone : (205) 894-4519


Andrea Weldon

Email :
Phone : (205) 894-4364

Zack Lightsey

Email :
Phone : (256) 344-8715

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