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Group Life Insurance provided by Legacy Insurance

If you’ve chosen to enter the Jewelry business, you appreciate the attention to detail. However, being a part of the jewelry industry comes with many risks from unfortunate events like natural calamities or robberies that can severely damage your inventory, further causing damage to your brand image and reputation. Jewelers insurance can protect your jewelry business against mishaps and help you take your business to the next level. 

What is Jewelry Insurance?

Jewelry insurance offers coverage for stones, precious metals, gems, etc. The policy is designed to cover various types of risks of gold, valuable trade-specific risks, etc., against perils like lightning, fire, riot, strike, burglary, theft, robbery, etc. Moreover, not only does the policy cover the stock, but it also offers additional covers, like safety deposit box cover, trade shows and exhibition cover, zero deductible benefit, etc., on the payment of an additional premium.

Who needs Jewelry Insurance?

Jeweler’s block insurance is critical to any retailer, manufacturer, or distributor handling high-value items such as jewelry or fine art (including gold and diamond) as a single loss can dramatically impact overall business performance. Jeweler’s block insurance is an all-risk policy that provides comprehensive coverage tailored to various business needs, from traditional jewelry shops and pawnbrokers to a bureau de change. The coverage protects against loss or damage to an item in the stock of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and pawnbrokers while covering factors such as theft and burglary and the usual risks covered, such as fire. Coverage can also be acquired when such high-value items are in transit, be it from a manufacturer or in possession of a sales representative, and whether it is an individual item or an entire collection. 

What is covered under Jewelry Insurance ?

We understand the unique insurance needs of the Jewelry industry. Whether you own a Jewelry Store, operate as a wholesaler, or have a Jewelry Appraisal business, we have the experience and Insurance Company relationships to help you protect your assets.


In addition to offering Jewelers Block coverage, we can tailor the right package to fit your specific needs.


  • Workmanship
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Jewelry Appraiser Professional Liability
  • Privacy Coverage

Choosing the right Insurance for a Jewelry professional is a big decision. We want to make sure you make it an informed decision and one you feel confident in.

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