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Business Owners Insurance

Business Insurance provided by Legacy Insurance .

You’ve taken a big risk by starting your own business. Let us help you protect and grow that business with insurance customized to help meet your needs. We at Legacy Insurance will assess your business and provide cost-effective solutions that keeps your business protected.

Business Owners Policy
Business Owners Insurance

Most businesses will need a business owner’s policy (BOP). A BOP combines business property, business liability and business income insurance in one policy.

Surety Bonds
Surety Bonds

To run your business, you need guarantees for contracts and other financial obligations. A surety bond is a promise to be liable for the debt, default, or failure of another.

Builders Risk Insurance
Builders Risk Insurance

Because every construction project is unique, each builder’s risk policy is different.

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Church Insurance

Churches, synagogues, mosques and temples are much more than just buildings. 

Business Auto Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance

As a businessowner, you need insurance coverages for the cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles you use in your business as you do for vehicles used for personal travel. 

Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial Property Insurance

The place you do business says a lot about your success. Maybe your wholesale company acquired a second warehouse. 

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

You’ve worked hard for the success of your business — and a single unfortunate event could put its assets at risk if the cost of a covered claim exceeds the limits of your business liability insurance.

Condo Building Insurance
Condo Association Insurance

Most businesses will need a condo building insurance. This protects your office from any unexpected events like fire..

Contractor Insurance
Contractors Insurance

Client lawsuits are more common than you think; it’s estimated that 43% of small business owners have reported being threatened with or involved in a civil lawsuit.

Cyber Liability
Cyber Liability Insurance

Your networks and data are the lifeblood of your business. From your brand reputation to employee and financial data, cyber attacks are increasing in their frequency and their intensity.

Directors Officers Liability
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

In today’s complex operating environment, D&O claims brought by stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, vendors, competitors, suppliers, regulators, and creditors, present increased risk for companies across all industries.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance
Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment-related risks are among a business’s most potentially damaging exposures, often centering around sexual harassment, wrongful termination, or discrimination.

Error Ommission
Error & Omissions Insurance

Mistakes happen. But even an innocent error on your part could lead to a client bringing a lawsuit against you for negligence.

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Farm Insurance

Farm and ranch owners insurance is dual coverage that protects your operation and the home that you live in. 

General Liability 1
General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects you and your business from “general” claims involving bodily injuries and property damage. 

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Group Life Insurance

Unlike Workers’ Compensation, which covers only work-related accidents, AD&D insurance applies wherever covered accidents happen, such as at home or on the road for your employees.

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Hotel & Motel

Hotels provide guests with many services, and each one a hotel offers exposes the hotel to certain potential risks.

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Jewelry Insurance

If you’ve chosen to enter the Jewelry business, you appreciate the attention to detail. 

Non Profit Insurance
Non Profit Insurance

Given the shoestring budget on which many nonprofits operate, a single large and unexpected expense could lead to financial ruin. 

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Oil and Gas Insurance

The oil and gas industry is a diverse setting encompassing multiple industries, both onshore and offshore, upstream, downstream, pipeline, and more.

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Outdoor Insurance

From the outside, people looking at your outdoor and adventure-based business might describe it as “exciting” and “fun.”

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Professional Services Insurance

As a professional services firm, you are constantly at risk of being sued over services you’ve performed. Even if a lawsuit has no merit, defending against it can be costly.

Restaurant Insurance
Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants, coffee shops and other food service businesses have their fair share of headaches. A lawsuit from a customer who falls on a wet floor shouldn’t be one of them. 

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Retail Business Insurance

Retail shops have arguably a higher risk than home or renters insurance, because there are a lot of moving pieces and people involved. 

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Self Storage Insurance

They store your personal belongings in climate-controlled environments, so you don’t have to worry about them when not at home or on vacation. 

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Videographer Insurance

Whether your niche is commercials, weddings, or full-length motion pictures, you’re responsible for an end product that brings a director’s dream to life.

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Woodworker Business Insurance

Working with wood can be a dangerous profession, and accidents are always possible, even for the most seasoned craftsman. 

Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs and lost wages for work-related injuries and illnesses. 

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Garage Insurance

If your business sells, services, stores, or parks automobiles, your General Liability Insurance coverage may not be enough to protect you from lawsuits.

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Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial truck insurance is essential coverage for a small business or an owner-operator offering trucking services. 

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